Design Build

A construction project in which the Builder leads both the design and building phases.


Site Evaluation

We make a site visit to evaluate its features and feasibility. This evaluation may include a piece of property or home you own or are contemplating purchasing. Examining a property’s features and potential site cost can help determine the direction you want to go.

Design Checklist

Prior to an initial design meeting we ask customers to fill out a Design Checklist. Some common things to consider are number of bedrooms, master bedroom upstairs or down, special needs rooms like grandparents or nursery, open layout or many different rooms and number of garage spaces.

Initial Meeting

We begin by describing the design process so that your plans ultimately reflect what you want. We review the Design Checklist and discuss your needs and desires in your new home. We look at printed materials including past projects, books and magazines to help get a feel for the direction and style you want to go in. And we try to determine a price range.


Design begins with initial conceptual designs and customer feedback. This process is a collaborative effort with changes made until the plan reflects your needs.

Project Pricing

A budget is developed based upon the plans, specifications and site. Pricing will determine either to proceed with the project as is, or make modifications necessary to make the project work. Once price is agreed upon plans and specifications are signed and a date and schedule for construction established.

Permit Applications

We help prepare and submit necessary permit applications.